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Looking for work? CV Resources will match you with the right opportunity and help you navigate the waters of your job search. We can provide you with interview tips, help you upgrade your resume, or help you negotiate the best offer.

We understand that a job search can be daunting. Whether you have chosen contract work as a lifestyle, decided to confidentially review new opportunities, or are recently unemployed, CV Resources can assist you. CV Resources will take time to understand your parameters and help you identify the right opportunity for you. We can present you with vetted options that fit the career you are looking for.

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Let CV Resources identify a flexible, short or long term opportunity for you that will allow you to earn cash while you expand your skill set and evaluate different company cultures.

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Want to try before you buy? Working temp to perm allows you to evaluate a company and position before you commit to a full time job.

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Are you employed and interested in making a change? We understand that it’s tough to look for a new job when you are currently working. So why not let us do the leg work for you? We will meet with you to discuss what you are looking for in your next opportunity, and then match your criteria with the right opportunity. It’s confidential and won’t interrupt the status of your current job. We will even you navigate the interview process and help negotiate the best offer.